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Don’t Settle For Subpar Coverage – Ask About Zeller Insurance’s Golf and Country Club Program

Is there a better feeling than standing on a green on a warm afternoon, getting ready to putt for a birdie while your friends are caught in the rough or a sand trap? If you own a golf course or a country club, it is hard to enjoy the soothing atmosphere your establishment brings when the risks and liability associated with your business are on your mind.

Zeller Insurance can caddy all of your insurance needs with our golf and country club program. As an independent insurance agency, we have served the insurance needs of Indiana for over 40 years. We know, like a golf swing, no two golf courses are alike, so we want to make sure you have the right insurance coverages in your bag when you need to file a claim.

Don’t Let Your Business Get Stuck in the Rough

With acres of land needing constant landscaping and golf balls flying everywhere, Zeller Insurance knows how much you have to juggle with your business. Our golf and country club program is designed to help you when you get into a tough spot. A regular business policy may not get you out of the woods, so you need a policy that matches the twist and turns of your golf course.

Our golf and country club program can provide you with endorsement packages for:

Broader commercial general liability coverage – broadening coverage features into one convenient endorsement, including:

  • Increased medical payment limits
  • Specified professional services for nurses, EMTs, and paramedics.

Golf and country club commercial general liability – defines golf professionals, tennis professionals, and concessionaires as insureds and includes medical payments for club members and professional liability for your golf or tennis pros.

Golf and country club commercial property – higher amounts of insurance and additional property coverages in one option, including errant golf balls that damage member or guest property on your premises. It also includes:

  • Tee-to-green coverage: paying for a covered loss to teeing grounds, fairways, and putting greens, including driving range areas, sand traps, and bunkers.
  • Other golf course property: benches, ball washers, course markers, paved cart paths, pools, tennis courts and sprinkler systems that service the golf course.

Key employee replacement expense – when a head golf professional, general manager, or head chef is unable to continue due to death or permanent disability.

Sexual misconduct or sexual molestation liability – covers insured individuals and the organization against such allegations and defends innocent parties up to the limit of insurance.

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