Specialty Insurance

Churches, Cities, Towns, Etc. Are Positive Forces In Society — They Deserve The Right Protection!

Zeller Insurance understands specialty insurance for markets where other agencies fall short. We specialize in creating custom business insurance packages for a variety of unique organizations and professionals, including contractors, dentists, plumbers, condo associations, self storage businesses, cities, towns, and churches.

Non-profit and religious organizations have distinctive setups that differ from traditional businesses, so why should their insurance policies look the same? Coverage for these types of organizations helps protect:

  • The main building and auxiliary structures
  • Personal property
  • General liability
  • Directors and officers
  • Counseling professionals and other staff members

A custom business insurance package is necessary for non-profits — and we have the solutions.

Zeller Insurance Understands the Public Sector Too

Insurance services aren’t limited to personal and business-related products. Local public entities such as cities, towns, counties, public entity businesses, and other districts have insurance requirements that must be tailored to their specific types of businesses. Our knowledgeable agents can secure policies for public entities in Indiana, protecting services that range from utilities to public schools and everything in between.

Commercial Clients Make Up Half of Our Client Base

No matter what type of specialty market you are involved in, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at Zeller Insurance. Call 812-372-8456 to speak with one of our agents regarding your unique business.

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